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Seminal Articles by Harav Yehuda Amital zt"l


Autobiographical Reflections

Forty Years Later: A Personal Recollection after the Holocaust

A Sense of Mission



I am Prayer


Torah Study

Torah Study in the Modern World

The Importance of In-Depth Torah Study

(see also Shavuot)


The Jewish People

A Torah Perspective on the Status of Secular Jews Today

Rebuking a Fellow Jew: Theory and Practice


The Holocaust

Confronting the Holocaust

A Kaddish for the Martyrs of the Holocaust

(See also Autobiographical Reflections)


Repentance (Pre-Selichot Speeches)

"Needy and Destitute, We Knock at Your Door"

How Can We Speak and How Can We Justify Ourselves?

"Righteousness is Yours, O Lord, while Shame is Ours"

Individual Repentance and National Repair

The Lessons of Selichot

Truthful Repentance

Sensing God's Presence

The Thirteen Attributes of Mercy


The State of Israel

"This Is the Day that God Has Made - Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad in It"

"Sing to Him, Praise Him, Speak of All His Wonders"

The Ethical Foundations of Rav Kook's Nationalist Views

The Social Challenges Confronting the State of Israel

On the Assassination of Prime Minister Rabin z"l

The Religious Significance of the State of Israel

"Reishit Tzemichat Ge'ulatenu": What Kind of Redemption Does Israel Represent?

The Kingdom of Justice and Truth

(see also Yom Ha-Atzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim)


Connecting to Mitzvot

Commitment vs. "Connecting" – The Current Crisis of our Youth 

The Search for Religious Enthusiasm among Today's Youth 

"Your Mitzva is Very Broad" - Further Thoughts on the Search for "Connection"

From Commitment to Responsibility

Religious Insecurity and Its Cures


Relating to God

The Fear of God in Our Time, Part 1 of 2

The Fear of God in Our Time, Part 2 of 2

Natural Morality, Part 1 of 3

Natural Morality, Part 2 of 3

Natural Morality, Part 3 of 3  

Distinguishing between Levels of Mitzvot  

The Personal Element in Serving God  

Religious Experience  

Naturalness in the Worship of God

Torah Values and Torah Commandments

Tension vs. Tranquility in the Worship of God


Relating to Others

Derekh Eretz - Being a Mensch

"I Dwell Among My People"

The Obligation to Sanctify God's Name

Occupying Oneself with the Needs of the Community

The Message Beyond Mere Words

How to Relate to One Who Has Lost His Faith


Relating to Oneself


Dealing with Crisis

Clinging to Values

Independent Decision-Making




Rosh Ha-Shana

"Purify our Hearts to Serve You in Truth"

Hope and Despair in the Akeida

The Simple Sound of Truth

The Sound of a Silent Shofar: The Problem of Rosh Ha-shana which Falls on Shabbat

"So That Their Memory be Invoked before Me"


Yom Kippur

Three Suggestions Regarding Repentance

(See also Repentance)



"Etrog Ha-Murkav" - The Grafted Etrog

The Nature of the Mitzva of Lulav



Letting the Light of Torah Shine

The Significance of Chanuka according to the Maharal



Purim and the Sin of Amalek

Preparation and Spontaneity

Purim in the Teachings of the Maharal

(see also Halakha)



"And God Hardened Pharaoh's Heart"

"And You Shall Know that I am the Lord"


Yom ha-Atzmaut

Israel's Independence Day in the Face of Adversity

Guardian of Israel - Watch over the State of Israel

Rejoicing Amidst Sorrow

The Splitting of the Sea and the War with Amalek

"This is the Lord's Doing – It is Wondrous in Our Eyes!"


Yom Yerushalayim

Burst Forth and Sing Together, Ruins of Jerusalem

"Again There Shall Be Heard ... in the Streets of Jerusalem"

"If I Forget You, O Jerusalem, Let My Right Hand Forget Its Cunning"

The Western Wall and "Western" Civilization



Shavuot and Soulsearching

Two Essential Lessons before Receiving the Torah

Why Was Coercion Necessary in the Giving of the Torah?

"He Held the Mountain over Them"


Tisha be-Av

Why the Temple Was Destroyed


Sichot on Parashat Ha-shavua



Eating Before Tekiyot

Reading the Megilla Before Sundown

A Resident of an Unwalled City Who Went to a Walled City and a Resident of a Walled City Who Went to an Unwalled City

Reading the Megilla Before a Sunday Purim

A Sabbatical for Loans and the Land (1)

A Sabbatical for Loans and the Land (2)

The Wars of Israel according to the Rambam

"Mi-Devar Sheker Tirchak": Parameters of False Speech

Eretz Yisrael as a Precondition for Kiddush Ha-Chodesh

Desecration of God's Name Committed by the State

Activities before Morning Prayers in the Army

Counting Sabbath Desecrators in a Minyan


Selections from Harav Amital’s Writings

Commitment and Complexity: Jewish Wisdom in an Age of Upheaval, ed. Aviad Hacohen (Hebrew version: Kol Yehuda)


Audio (Hebrew)

Sichot about holidays

Eulogies for Harav Amital zt”l


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