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Welcome to S.A.L.T. (Surf A Little Torah)

These SALT Archives house nearly two decades of divrei Torah.

In Loving Memory of
Sylvia and Sam Gelles 
Martha and Louis Silver

by their children and grandchildren


S.A.L.T. for Sefer Bereishit

S.A.L.T for Sefer Shemot

S.A.L.T. for Sefer Vayikra

S.A.L.T. for Sefer Bemidbar

S.A.L.T. for Sefer Devarim

S.A.L.T. for Chagim


Every browser begins by connecting to a specific webpage of his choice. Make your HOME page something you would really like to see every day - SALT, for instance.

This way you ensure 5 minutes of Torah every day before wandering all around cyberspace. See us daily on the VBM HOMEPAGE.

More recent SALTs can be found by searching for SALT in our Advanced Search box, along with the parsha name. See below for an example.
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Please report any broken links to [email protected] . Enjoy!

This website is constantly being improved. We would appreciate hearing from you. Questions and comments on the classes are welcome, as is help in tagging, categorizing, and creating brief summaries of the classes. Thank you for being part of the Torat Har Etzion community!