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Prophets vs. Empires: A Survey of Nevi’im Acharonim


(5782) (Tuesday) A study of the “Later Prophets” through a historical-political lens reveals striking parallels between the prophets of the period of Uzziyahu-Yerovam (Yeshayahu, Amos, Hoshea), those of the time of Achaz and Chizkiyahu (Yeshayahu, Hoshea, Mikha), those of the days of Yoshiyahu (Tzefania, Chulda, Nachum, Chavakuk, Yirmiyahu), early prophecies (Elisha and his students), and “lost” prophecies from the time of Menashe. By studying the prophecies against the backdrop of the rise and fall of empires, we gain insight into foundational questions regarding the meaning, goals, audiences and function of prophecy.