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Fundamental Questions in the Study of the Oral Law

Oral Law

(5782-5784) (Thursday) (Bi-weekly) Although Torah She-be’al Peh (the Oral Law) is the lifeblood of Judaism, its students often fail to address foundational issues: Which components were given at Sinai and which were developed by the Sages? What is the relationship between the simple meaning of biblical verses and their interpretation by the Oral Law? What can account for the discrepancy between the literal meaning of a Mishna and its interpretation in the Gemara? How did sages throughout the generations address a changing reality using the tools of the Oral Law? These questions and  others receive comprehensive and in-depth treatment in this series. New subscribers are welcome to join. We recommend that you become acquainted with the first two years' installments - just click on the Series Name to access our archives.