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Book | State of Halakha

Rav Aviad Tabory
State of Halakha
Israel's history in Jewish Law

The system of Jewish law is designed to guide us in major and minor areas of our lives. However, how is it applied in unprecedented situations? In this fascinating new work, rabbi and educator Aviad Tabory goes through watershed events and major issues in modern Israeli history, examining them through the lens of halakha. Examples include the 1961 capture of Adolph Eichmann and the obligation to bring murderers to justice; the Eli Cohen affair in Syria and how far one may go to protect the State of Israel; the 2005 Disengagement from Gush Katif and the issues surrounding the destruction of synagogues; the religious ramifications for Jerusalem the capital when the American Embassy moved to Jerusalem. This work looks at halakha within the context of the pertinent historical, political, cultural and social issues at each time.

Based on the series Halakhic Responses to Israeli History.

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