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Book | Shemoneh Esrei

Rav Ezra Bick
Shemoneh Esrei
Untapped depths

Three times a day, Jews recite the Shemoneh Esrei, requesting that the Creator grant them knowledge and justice, forgiveness and healing, redemption and peace. Yet despite their familiarity, these blessings contain untapped depths.
Shemoneh Esrei: Exploring the Fundamentals of Faith through the Amida Prayer undertakes a journey of discovery into the heart of Jewish prayer. Paying close attention to the words of the Amida and tracing their sources in the Bible, the author reveals the foundations of Jewish belief that lie embedded within the Shemoneh Esrei. Faith, the relationship between God and His nation, the individual’s place in the world, and human needs and desires – all these are cast in a new light when we listen closely to the eighteen blessings. And this understanding itself can guide us to a richer and more profound prayer experience.

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