Halakha in the Age of Social Media
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Rav Yonatan Ziring Shiur #01: Introduction In this introductory shiur, we raise the implications of social media in various areas of Halakha. While the applications in some cases are clear-cut, modern advances in communications technology also present complex challenges which require thoughtful and deep halakhic analysis. Halakha in the Age of Social Media
Rav Yonatan Ziring Shiur #02: Social Media and Berakhot The Talmud prescribes two blessings for encountering a friend after a prolonged absence: She-hecheyanu after thirty days and Mechayeh Ha-meitim after twelve months; but in the age of Facebook and Skype, what do "encounter" and "absence" mean? This is the subject of a fascinating halakhic debate. Halakha in the Age of Social Media