Teacher Title תקציר Course
Harav Mosheh Lichtenstein Assimilation into a Foreign Culture According to the midrash, Yaakov chose Yehuda to head his "yeshiva" in Egypt. Why didn't Yaakov choose the seemingly more appropriate candidate, Yosef, who had already proven his ability to maintain his identity in Egypt? Sichot Roshei Yeshiva
Harav Mosheh Lichtenstein Parashat Vayigash: The Price of Exile Yosef struggles mightily to maintain his identity during his long years in Egypt, but nevertheless he shows many signs of Egyptian influence. Sichot Roshei Yeshiva
Harav Yehuda Amital "Decree on the Community vs. Decree on the Individual" Sichot Roshei Yeshiva
Harav Yehuda Amital Parashat Vayigash Sichot Roshei Yeshiva
Harav Yehuda Amital Morality or Divine Charge? Yosef may have been convinced he was acting in accordance with a Divine plan, but apparently he was meant to act on the human plane, and was meant to follow regular moral norms. Sichot Roshei Yeshiva
Harav Yaakov Medan Parashat Vayigash: Yosef as a Role Model for Involvement in Secular Society In Sefer Bereishit we find differing models of integration and isolation, and these still frame the question of our involvement with the rest of the world today - its dangers and its potential.