Teacher Title תקציר Course
Harav Mosheh Lichtenstein “In Place of Your Fathers Shall Be Your Children”: The Philosophical Principles of Inheritance Parashat Pinchas addresses the concepts of inheritance and the portion of the firstborn, which are fleshed out in chapter Yesh Nochalin in Bava Batra. What are the philosophical underpinnings of the concept of inheritance? Why does the Torah deem the transmission of physical property to be so important? Why does the firstborn receive an extra portion and what does Tanakh tell us about firstborns? And how does all this relate to our connection with God? Sichot Roshei Yeshiva
Harav Yaakov Medan Two Leaders, Two Styles of Leadership Parashat Pinchas describes the rise to leadership of both Yehoshua and Pinchas. In this shiur, we analyze the differences between their ascents to their positions, as well as their different styles. Sichot Roshei Yeshiva