Teacher Title תקציר Course
Harav Yehuda Amital "It is not in the Heavens" Sichot Roshei Yeshiva
Harav Mosheh Lichtenstein Gold and Ashes – The Mishkan, the Golden Calf, and the Red Heifer One of the major dilemmas in Divine service concerns the perpetual tension between abstraction and concretization. Sichot Roshei Yeshiva
Harav Aharon Lichtenstein The Punishment for Inaction A close reading of the parasha seems to indicate that Moshe and Aharon were punished not for what they did but for what they didn’t do. Why was the punishment for inaction so severe? Sichot Roshei Yeshiva
Harav Yehuda Amital Moshe's Sin Sichot Roshei Yeshiva
Harav Yehuda Amital “When a Man Dies in a Tent…” This week's parasha exemplifies the tension between accepting mitzvot regardless of whether we understand them, and the need to exert ourselves to the utmost to comprehend the Torah. Sichot Roshei Yeshiva
Harav Yaakov Medan One May Never Despair of a Fellow Jew In this sicha, we discuss the lesson that we can learn from the punishment of Moshe for his behavior in the Mei Meriva episode. In particular, we must learn from our parasha that we must never, in any way, under any circumstances, give up on parts of Am Yisrael. Sichot Roshei Yeshiva